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Established in 1999, in response to a growing need for African Americans to receive education on HIV/AIDS  our services continue to expand to include Latino’s and men that require testing and referral to other related services.  As a Non-Profit Organization we appreciate any and all donations.

Positive Efforts, Inc. (PE) was established in 1999 in response to a growing need for African Americans to receive culturally competent and linguistically appropriate HIV/AIDS related services. Since its inception, PE has been involved in a variety of neighborhood and community outreach, HIV counseling and testing, and community mobilization activities in Houston. PE's Executive Director, Barbara Joseph, has been in the HIV field for more than 25 years providing one-on-one outreach and education. Ms. Joseph is nationally known for her commitment and involvement in HIV prevention, care, and social services.

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Reaching Houston's high risk
African America communities.
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